The Many Hats of a Sunday School Teacher

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Teaching Sunday School
Teaching Sunday school can require you to play many different roles…

When God leads a child with a problem to you for guidance, the teacher cannot run away or hide any more than Jonah could, and she should never be afraid.  All the time the teacher has been preparing lessons, she has also been learning or reaffirming her faith, and God will not give her a job bigger than she can handle.

As one teacher said, “When the unexpected happens with one of my students, I know that the Holy Spirit has led the child to me, and that the same spirit will help me find the right words to help.  I may not be moving multitudes, but I know it’s no accident, and it’s my job to deal with it.   

Many teachers agree that they see God’s hand in these situations as well as the outcome.  

“I looked up one Sunday as I was getting ready to leave after Sunday School,” one teacher said, “and there in the doorway stood Dora.   Dora was in fourth grade now, but she had been in my pre-school class for three years, and it was not uncommon for her pop in to chat. Dora’s mother had been in an automobile accident and was on the church’s prayer list.  I knew by the child’s face that she was frantic with worry about her mother, and I also knew that her mother was a single parent.   When I asked how her mother was doing, Dora shook her head.

“’She’s in intensive care.  I’m staying with Mrs. Cox until my grandmother gets here.   She’s flying in this afternoon, but she won’t have a car, and it’s too far for us to walk to the hospital.   Beside’s, mother’s in intensive care and children aren’t allowed in there—not even to see their mother unless they’re sixteen—‘” 

Words spewed from Dora’s mouth so fast and for so long, that the teacher realized the child was desperate.  When tears welled in her eyes, she knew Dora was on the verge of falling apart.        

“Tell me,” the teacher said, trying to turn Dora’s thoughts from the tragedy to solutions, “How is your grandmother getting from the airport to your house.”

“In a taxi.”

Knowing how expensive that was, the teacher shook her head and took charge.   “I’ll pick your grandmother up, and you can go with me.   First, we need to talk to Mrs. Cox.”

The teacher explained that she knew the Holy Spirit had led Dora to her, and before anything else, she should comfort the child. 

“I said a simple prayer,’ because I thought she would remember it and use it herself. “ the teacher explained, “and I could almost hear the Holy spirit telling me what to say.”         

For a month a lot of that teacher’s time was given to driving that grandmother to the supermarket and the hospital, and she said she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit at every turn.

“But the day Dora’s mother left the intensive care unit and they saw each other for the first time, was one of those moments I will never forget.   The expression on their faces, when they hugged each other made me thank God and thank the Holy Spirit for permitting me to be part of such a wonderful experience.” 

Sunday school teachers are often asked to wear many hats, but they should never be afraid to take the challenge.   Not only will these unexpected experiences feed their soul, but working with the Holy Spirit is an experience to be treasured, and one they will never forget. 

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