3 Bible Crafts Your Students Will Love!

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Bible story crafts serve as cues to trigger a child’s memory and bring back every detail of the Bible story it represents.  Whenever a  child looks at that craft, the entire Bible story will unfold in their minds as vividly as it did on the day they first heard it. 

Not only do Bible story crafts serve as reminder to reinforce the message in the story, but they give the children the sense of creativity and accomplishment that they look forward to and enjoy.

While many Bible story crafts have stood the test of time and are still of value in reinforcing the meaning of these stories, it’s always refreshing to come up with new and inventive ideas that excite the children, are easy to construct, and prove to be of lasting value.  The  Bible stories listed below are among the children’s favorites.

1. The Christmas story

2. The Easter story

3. The story of Noah’s Ark


The Christmas Story

For the Christmas story, “The Babe In the Manger,” craft is so small it can be carried in the palm of a child’s hand, and since it is non-perishable, it can be packed away with the Christmas decorations and used year after year.  

You will need: 

  • One paper cup-cake liner for each child (while cup-cake liners  come in pastel colors, they also come in silver which is the most appropriate for a Christmas decoration.)    
  • Straw  (small packages of straw, to be used for decorative purposes, are available in the crafts department of stores like Wal-Mart, Kmart or Target.)
  • One can of white Play-Dough 
  • One small piece of white fabric  (this will be used as a swaddling cloth.  Any scrap of white fabric will do and a piece about the size of a Post-It-Note (3”x3”) will work. In a pinch, a piece of white Kleenex will do the job. 


  1. Fill the cup- cake wrapper with straw
  2. Make the head and body of a baby with white Play Dough
  3. Wrap the baby in the piece of white cloth
  4. Lay the Baby on the straw
  5. This craft of the “Babe in the manger” will serve as a reminder of the Christmas story for many years.    

The Easter Story

Eggs are a symbol of rebirth or Christ coming back to life after death.  Most children have dyed eggs so many times the novelty has worn off, but they will love decorating chocolate eggs with a coconut filling.  

You will need:

  • 3 miniature chocolate eggs for each child  (These eggs are about two inches long and usually come with a colored foil wrapper.)
  • Several small tubes of white and colored icing for decorating 
  • Jelly beans
  • Small candies shaped like crosses, bunny rabbits, chicks, flowers, hearts or any other symbols of Easter
  • Baskets for the eggs or small paper plates. 
  • Green cellophane straw (Easter basket excelsior) or a paper napkin. 


  1. Remove the foil wrappers from the eggs.
  2. Decorate the first egg with jelly beans using the icing to hold them in place.
  3. Decorate the second egg with the small candy crosses.  If crosses are not available, decorate by making crosses with icing. 
  4. Decorate the third eggs with symbols of love using candy hearts flowers etc.   (If these candies or not available, use the icing to make these symbols.)
  5. Place the green excelsior in the basket or on the plate.  
  6. Place the eggs in the basket. 
  7. While the chocolate eggs are perishable, the basket is not and it can be saved and used as a reminder year after year. 

Noah’s Ark

This is a craft that children will love, and since it floats, their enjoyment of it is doubled.  It will require a generous supply of Styrofoam egg cartons, so it might be wise to ask parents to save them for you.          

bible craftYou will need:

  • 1 egg carton for each child
  • Construction paper
  • Scotch tape, stapler or string
  • 1 large package of animal crackers
  • Black ink marker
  • Large roasting pan  


  1. Cover the lid of the egg carton, inside and out, with construction paper. (Since most glue and paint will not adhere to Styrofoam, the construction paper must be attached with tape, staples or with string threaded through small holes.  When making holes in the egg carton, be sure they are above the water line or the ark will sink.)  
  2. Decorate the lid as if it were Noah’s Ark.
  3. Fill each egg cup with 2 animal crackers of the same kind.   
  4. Fill a roasting pan with water.
  5. Let each child take a turn floating his ark in the water.  


Older children may want room on the arc for Noah, his family and their supplies.  This can be done by attaching another egg carton to the first. It should be decorated to match the first one, and the holes for the string used to tie the egg cartons together, should be above water level.  

Save for a rainy day

While this craft cannot be packed away with holiday decorations, keep it in a convenient spot, so it can make an appearance on any rainy day and give the child hours of pleasure and many reminders of the story of Noah’s Ark.

Bible story crafts keep these narratives alive for the children and help them to recall the meaning of each story.  

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  1. This is a great site. Thanks so much for all your ideas and creativity that you are willing to share with others. God Bless your ministry!

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