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Bible printables provide Sunday School teachers with fun, simple exercises to better engage their students and reinforce the lessons of the day.

How To Use Bible Printables In Sunday School Class

Bible printables are a teacher friendly resource that every Sunday school teacher should have at her fingertips.  Some teachers consider them helpful; others call them indispensable.  But all agree: a folder full of Bible printables in the Sunday school room where they are available at a moments notice, has saved the day time and time again.       

Teachers waiting for late arrivals often run into challenges of preventing chaos. If they start the lesson on time, the late ones miss so much that it’s almost mandatory they repeat what has already been said, and that makes the on-time students restless.  However, the introduction of Bible printables to the Sunday school class room has been called the miracle cure for an otherwise unsolvable problem.    

Late arrivals; early finishes

bible printables
Bible printables are a teacher friendly resource every Sunday school teacher should use

Along with keeping control for late arrivals, Bible printables can help maintain control at the end of class time.  When the lesson is over and the children are waiting for their parents to pick them up, it’s easy for kids to start climbing the walls.   Once again the solution to the problem is the Bible printable which keeps the children busy, occupied and under control until the parents finally arrive.


The third most common use of Bible printables is what Sunday school teachers label “dire emergencies”.  And in this aspect their value is pr iceless.  When a Sunday school teacher calls in sick at the last minute, there is no panic and no confusion.   Those in charge pass out worksheets and coloring sheets.  One of the greatest joys of using them is their easy accessibility.  And with so many being free on the Internet, they don’t require much budget.

Surfing for Printables

Bible printables are available on the Internet, and the subject matter runs from Bible themes to games and mazes.   You may reinforce the lesson you have just taught, from Noah to King David to Daniel to Jonah, with these worksheets.  From a search engine like Google, the subject, “Bible printables” will provide a long and interesting list of sources, many of which are free.   In addition, the list of subjects covers every possible aspect of Bible teachings from coloring pages for the little ones, to finding the differences and games for the older children.  

Design Your Own Word Searches

            If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always design your own word search or word puzzles to go with your lesson.  One great site for word searches is Ardmore Penguin, which is user friendly and only requires that you type in the words you need that go with the lesson.  It’s Word Scramble function will scramble any words so that your students have to figure out what the original was, such as Othgial = Goliath.  Its Fresh Words function will tell you what words you can make out of any word.  Would your students ever believe “Goliath” can make all these words? 


goa     got     gil     gal     ola     oil

oat     log     lot     lit     lag     lao

ila     ito     ago     aol     ali     ail

tog     tia     tag     tao     tho     hog

hot     hit     hag     hal     hat     goal

goat     goth     gila     gilt     gail     gait

olga     oath     loth     lath     iota     iago

alit     alto     toga     toil     tail     thai

holt     hilt     halo     halt     hail     gloat

loath light altho alight alioth goliath

Design Your Own Mazes

Kids love mazes, and since many Bible stories mimic “being lost and then found,” a maze is often appropriate.  One of the best online maze sites that doesn’t require a download is Discovery Education’s Puzzle Maker.  There, you can make mazes of five or six different shapes and various levels of difficulty, based on the ages of your students. Here is one appropriate for kids ages 6-7, made with three clicks. 

Other Make-Your-Own Freebees

Discovery also allows you to make other puzzles that are unique and original, including Fallen Phrases, Math Squares, Cryptograms and Hidden Messages.   

With all these features available with only a few clicks of the mouse and a few words typed in, you’ll no longer have to worry about before and after class madness or what to do when you can’t be in class!