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Bible Jeopardy

Who can help getting hooked into a game of Jeopardy? If you’re looking for a fun way to teach or learn Biblical facts, Bible Jeopardy is the answer! Some board game versions are expensive, as are downloads, which can be risky to your computer’s safety. However, you don’t have to go through all of that to enjoy Bible Jeopardy! We’re providing several Internet options for finding the right Bible Jeopardy to suit your needs. Here are four easy methods for obtaining Bible Jeopardy without any expense at all:

The Church of Christ in Duluth features a Power Point version of Bible Jeopardy that you can download and play in Power Point. If you visit their website, you will see an option for “Power Point games” in the left column. Click there, and download a very easy and workable version of Bible Jeopardy. One challenge: The questions on the Duluth Church version are very difficult! Adults might have fun, but kids will do more scratching of their heads than winning.

Christianity.com features a game of Jeopardy where one player plays against the computer. If you visit their website, you will find an option under “Christian Living” called “Trivia.” While this game is easier than the Duluth one, it is probably too difficult for kids. However, seasoned adults can have hours of fun, playing one round after another, with the computer keeping score!

Hymnal Accompanyist…don’t be fooled by the name! The site contains fun trivia games among other things. It’s hard to enter the site, as things are not clearly marked. But if you follow this link, you will come to one of the best games of online Jeopardy for Sunday school students ages 8 and up.  This free Jeopardy game allows two or more players to play against each other. The questions are a bit tricky, but seem to be designed to make children think hard about what they’ve learned. When they get a question wrong, a message pops up telling them which book and verse in the Bible to visit in order to find the right answer! A tally is kept for all players and the Jeopardy theme song plays on in the background.

The Spread God’s Word website contains eight Bible Jeopardy rounds, each with five categories and five questions each. While this site does not have verses provided to guide you to correct answers, it keeps score in a fast, state-of-the-art way. From http://www.spreadgodsword.org, go to “Bible Whiz Quiz.” There you’ll find many Christian versions of free online games, including Dr. Lim’s Bible Jeopardy. Categories include Old Testament Wisdom, Exodus (1 & 2), Old Testament Patriarchs, New Testament Characters, Book of Luke, and New Testament Epistles. Just click the category of your choice and begin playing, watching your score rise and fall in red letters you can’t miss! While the questions will be familiar to some children, seasoned Christian adults will have a blast.