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Christian Party Games for Kids

Christian party games provide a great deal of help to parents these days!  Say your daughter is having her first sleep-over and everyone is so excited!  Problem:  Most slumber parties of the secular world involve horror movies, occult tricks and scary games that can produce nightmares for several nights after!  Christian party games will not only entertain Christian kids, but they can also help turn lives around. 

You don’t need a huge budget or even a great number of supplies to create your own Christian party games.  A little imagination and/or surfing the Internet will do!  Here are some ideas:

Find the Verse Treasure Hunts—Place Bible verses in strategic places on bright colored post-it notes.  Recite one verse that gets the grand prize, then have everyone hunt down the post-its.  Because of the grand prize verse, kids will be reading the verses carefully to see if theirs wins.  Also give a prize for the person who collected the most verses.

Fruits of the Spirit Hopscotch—Create a hopscotch board with the fruits of the spirit printed on masking tape, one fruit in each square.  (Note:   There are nine fruits mentioned in Galatians 5 and only eight squares, so put the final fruit, self-control at the top.  Have girls recite the fruits as they step in that box. You can follow that up with some Fruit of the Spirit crafts to double the fun.

Dance Contests to Christian Music—All little girls love dance contests!  Christian music is so diverse these days that you can find many songs to which girls can play games including freeze dance to wacky dance to line dancing to best dancer.

1 Corinthians Tag—It’s like a regular game of tag, only to keep from being tagged, a player only has to blurt out one of the definitions of love named in 1 Corinthians 13.  Place the list of the 16 descriptions of love somewhere that all can see.  Set a rule that no one can shout the same description twice, which will have everyone glancing constantly at the list:

  1. love is patient
  2. love is kind
  3. does not envy
  4. does not boast
  5. is not proud
  6. does not dishonor others
  7. is not self-seeking
  8. is not easily angered
  9. keeps no record of wrongs.
  10. does not delight in evil
  11. rejoices with the truth
  12. always protects
  13. always trusts
  14. always hopes
  15. always perseveres
  16. love never fails

Friendship crafts–Friendship beads and bracelets are a great activity for winding excited bodies down to eventual sleep.  Jesus said, “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”  Jesus set a great store in friendship, and one’s Christian friends should be celebrated.  Friendship bracelets are easy and can be made with yarn, craft thread, or twine.  Most girls know how to braid, and by simply placing beads in the braid now and again, they can come up with an unusual design.  Have them design bracelets for a name they pull out of a hat and be prepared to say nice things about that person when presenting it.

Apocalypse Story Telling—Talking about the interpretations of Revelation and how they might relate to today’s society will nicely replace any scary movie that is making its way around kid slumber parties.  The apocalypse is totally scary, but it’s also coming true.  If you have an adult available—friend, neighbor, relative, youth minister—who can tell the stories of the end of time with gusto and conviction, you will never have a kid complaining that this party isn’t scary enough.   It also generates great discussions about Jesus and what he should mean to us today.

Kids will attend many slumber parties before they’re done.  But the ones offering Christian party games will be those that they remember long into adulthood—with fondness and gratitude!  If you have another fun idea to add, please leave a reply!