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Moses Bible Games for Sunday School Make the Exodus Real

Of all the stories in the Bible, the life of Moses is one of the longest and most detailed. From the circumstances surrounding his birth, to his frustrating ordeal with Pharaoh, to his leading of the Israelites in the wilderness, there are dozens of Bible stories you can teach your Sunday school class. The following Moses Bible games will help you as you share these amazing stories with your Sunday school kids.

The Exodus Provides Many Moses Bible Games

Manna Bible Game

This Moses game is more like a game and object lesson rolled into one. You will need a large tablecloth, some paper bowls, and Frosted Flakes cereal.

If you read Exodus 16:14-31, you will find a description of manna. The Bible says it was small and round (v.14), white, and tasted like wafers made with honey (v.31). Kind of sounds like Frosted Flakes, doesn’t it?

Before the children come to class, lay the tablecloth on the floor and sprinkle the Frosted Flakes all over it. When the kids come in, say something like, “Look on the floor boys and girls! What is it?” Then pick up a piece of the cereal and eat it. Say, “Yum! It’s sweet and flaky! Do you want some?” Give each child a bowl and tell them to walk around the tablecloth and fill up their bowls. When they are ready, let them munch on their cereal while you read the story of God providing manna for the Israelites.

“Who Found Baby Moses?” Bible Game

            Another fun game for the younger kids is based on “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” All you need to play is a paper cut-out of baby Moses in his basket and a little floor space.

Before you begin, read the story of Pharaoh’s daughter drawing Moses out of the river (Exodus 2:1-10). When you’re finished, have the kids sit Indian-style in a circle. Tell them to pass baby Moses behind their backs and chant, “Who found baby Moses in the bulrushes?” When you finish saying that, the children stop passing. The child the cut-out stopped at holds it up, and you say, “Kate found baby Moses in the bulrushes!” Pass it around until every child has been “it”, and then at the end, everyone say altogether, “The PRINCESS found baby Moses in the bulrushes!”

Baby Moses Heads-Up Seven-Up

Another idea for using the baby Moses cut-out is to have the children close their eyes while you hide Moses somewhere in the room, then have them look for him. The child who finds Moses gets a turn to hide it for the other kids. This version of Heads-Up Seven-Up is a great way to fill in extra time, as most kids are familiar with it and love it.

The story of Moses and the children of Israel is ultimately one of God’s faithfulness. Take some time before you teach to think about God’s faithfulness in your own life. Then pass that on to your Sunday school kids!