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Printable Bible Games

If you’re surfing the Internet for fun things to do in Sunday school, printable Bible games is definitely an option.  With so much available these days, you’ve got quite a bit to choose from. In fact, so many printable Bible games will “surf up” that it’s hard to figure out what’s worthy of your time and clicks. 

Here are seven recommendations from us for where to go for printable Bible games.  Some of the sites we’re mentioning have a great wealth of material; others have new and different things that are good if you need a change.  Whether it’s for quality or quantity, the seven sites below should suffice the needs of your students in the area of printable Bible games:

1) DLTK-Bible is part of the massive DLTK-Kid site, featuring thousands of activities for young minds and young hands.  Go and you’ll find everything from coloring pages to crafts to games for Sunday school.  Click on “Puzzles and Games” and you’ll find cutout jigsaw puzzles, anagrams, Bingo, board games, dominos and a host of other things!

2) World Game World started with the mission of expanding minds, both old and young.  Their section on “Free Bible Games” provides mind challenges as well as activity fun.  Their list of nearly a hundred activities features everything from Bible baseball to Bible trivia to Bible crosswords that make learning the Bible fun and easy.

3) Living Water Bible Games started with the mission of “helping busy parents and Sunday school teachers by providing them with ready-made Bible games and activities that make learning fun and easy.”  They have done an amazing job.  Books of the Bible Bingo and Books of the Bible Word Search will help tackle that tough job of getting kids familiar with the layout of God’s word.  Bible lands, the names of kings, and other facts that are not always available as learning tools for kids can be found here.  On their web site, they state that 70,000 of their games have been downloaded in 182 countries.

4) A Kid’s Heart Bible Resources offers many activities, but one of their specialties is a Bible verse memorization program broken down into seasons.  Each season is represented by twenty cute cards designed with artwork and containing a scripture verse that is important to Christian basics.  Students can take one at the end of every class or use them in all sorts of games including matching, chronicling, fill-ins and memorization relays.

Paying a moderate fee opens up whole new worlds.  Many sites offer a plethora of games and tools for either a small fee per item or a moderate annual membership fee.

5) Danielle’s Place tops the list for originality.  Printable board games are available to members, and these are well designed and thought out.  Some games are for young children such as The Dinosaur Game, which involves collecting pieces of a Bible verse until it can be spelled out.  A Fruit of the Spirit Matching Game goes with a lesson on the fruits of the Spirit, and many games come with matching lessons!  While the site does not contain a thousand and one items, what’s there will surely be original and bring new fun to the classroom.

6) Printable Games A to Z will meet any need in any age group.  On the homepage, follow the “Christian” link.”  There you’ll find 25 games ready to be downloaded for as low as 6.99 a game.  Also available are game collections with up to 40 games included for the low price of $19.99!  As well, all the games can be personalized with the name of your church or youth ministry program and come with unlimited downloads.

7) Footsteps of Jesus Board Game is a fabulous “large scale” board game that you can print off and use over and over with your Sunday School class, family, etc.  Return to the era when Jesus walked the earth and go with him as he heals the sick, raises the dead, speaks his most famous words, and arises after his own brutal crucifixion.  This exciting, fast-paced game blends memory proficiency, a mind for small details, and skill with multiple choice answering, all the while creating great fun for Sunday School classes, youth groups, or just circles of friends. For 1-6 players ages 8 through adult.

So you know a place to find more printable Bible games?  If so, please let us know by leaving a reply comment below.